Robert Coelho

President/Head Judo Coach

(NCAS Level 1)

Robert began Judo in 1984 as a junior at the South/Port Melbourne Judo Club and later with Southern Judo Club during his teen years. As a senior trained at numerous clubs around Australia given his involvement with numerous law enforcement agencies. He currently holds the rank 1 KYU and is the Head Coach at the Grampians Judo Club. 

During his competitive career, Robert regularly competed at both State, National, and International levels. He continues to compete in Masters Championships.

Robert has been providing Judo classes and internationally accredited defensive tactics system instructions around Australia for over 20 years and is inspired by Jigaro Kano’s desire to help people be the best they can.

Sensei Mark Spencer

Head Aikido Instructor – 2nd Dan

Mark has previously trained in Tae Kwan Do, Hapkido and Kickboxing.

Since beginning training with Sensei John Langley in 2008 Mark is planning to spend the rest of his training dedicated to Aikido.