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We are located at 50 Curtis Street, Ballarat Central (Opposite Dan Murphy’s)


From decades of training in various martial arts, and passion for the sports, we have adapted to the modern-day requirements of the sport and real self-defense teaching for all ages.

From stand-up, we apply the arts of Boxing, Kickboxing, Aikido(Joint locks etc), and then combine the art of Judo(throws and grappling) to transition the stand-up to the ground game. Furthermore, as an ex-policeman, a security operative, a bouncer, and a personal collection recovery officer in Johannesburg, South Africa, my experience has led to the birth of the Brawl ADU System.

Our Brawl ADU System is collated over decades of dedication, fight experience, mechanics, and psychology of the engagement.

So no matter whether you have a spark, returning for the love of the sport, or are driven by other various justified reasons, Join The BRAWL Family & Turn Yourself Into the Vision Of Yourself!!

As an experienced premier athletic facility, we feel we have a responsibility to help the newbie achieve personal growth while at the same time being able to provide the programs that help competitive athletes achieve their highest levels of themselves, after all. “It’s All About Who You Become!”


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Clinton 0437 406 201


Address: 50 Curtis Street

Ballarat Central

Ballarat, 3350