Meet Coach Clinton Vermaak

Boxing/Kickboxing Coach

Coach Clinton Vermaak – Accredited  Level 2 Boxing Australia Coach

Clinton began contact sports from the age of 8, and at the age of 13 he found his passion – Boxing! His love of contact sport has seen him competing at a National Level in South Africa. Clinton also competed as a member of the South African Defense Force /South African Police Combined Boxing team. Achievements include Traansvaal TDO Full contact Champion, South African TDO Full Contact Karate Champion, and a competitor in all styles full contact national championships. His love of contact sports also saw him competing in Judo, Karate, Shoot Boxing, Kick Boxing, and his passion. (Boxing)

Clinton has been coaching boxing since 2008, helping many fighters compete and achieve levels of Victorian Champions, Golden Gloves and Competitors in the Australian Championship.


Robert Coelho

President/Head Judo Coach

(NCAS Level 1)

Robert began Judo in 1984 as a junior at the South/Port Melbourne Judo Club and later with Southern Judo Club during his teen years. As a senior trained at numerous clubs around Australia given his involvement with numerous law enforcement agencies. He currently holds the rank 1 KYU and is the Head Coach at the Grampians Judo Club.